About The WEA iCare Policy

wea 5Once again, you are probably not aware of the Worldwide Expatriate Assn. and their insurance programs because they specialize in worldwide health insurance.  This is a policy specifically designed to address the needs of expats living outside of their home countries.  This policy is not available in the United States.

While our coverage is worldwide we chose a policy that excludes coverage in the U.S. .  The U.S. ranks among the most expensive health costs in the world.   We opted to exclude the U.S. because the majority of our members are either Canadian or are American (who already having Medicare coverage in the U.S.).   Why pay for a duplication of benefits.!  By choosing the option to exclude coverage in the U.S., we were able to drastically cut the cost of the premium.  If you are travelling to or through the U.S. and do not have medical coverage there, that is easily remedied with a travel insurance policy.  Travel policies are readily available and relatively inexpensive because you buy coverage for only that period of time when you are in the U.S.

We want to help you do your Due Diligence “homework”.  Below are links that will provide you valuable information about WEA to help you in your decision in choosing the health insurance policy that is best suited for your lifestyle, financial situation and providing you with peace of mind so you get on with the fun of your Mexican retirement adventure.

Applicants are allowed to enroll on an ongoing  and pro-rated basis. Currently applicants enrolling between March 21st, 2017 and June 7 th, 2017 will have a policy effective date of July 1, 2017.  Coming soon… 2017 Updated Plan.

WEA 2015 General Info Brochure

Uninsurable Risk List  (In most instances, with the exception of Cancer, if you currently have a condition that appears on this list, you are not eligible to join the group.  Of course, if you join the group before encountering any of these conditions,  you will be fully covered if you acquire any of the conditions on the list after you are insured.  We have special provisions for Cancer survivors and welcome you to contact us regarding these special provisions and conditions.  

WEA List of Direct-Pay Hospitals in Mexico  (partial listing)
(Note:  Tech 100 in San Miguel De Allende has been added to the list as of April, 2015.
On the above list, they are listed as Hospital De La Fe (the original hospital administration.  Their current name change does not affect WEA’s direct pay relationship with the hospital).

If you are interested in this policy, please proceed to our “Group” FAQ section on the top menu.  Here was answer many of our most commonly asked questions about both policies in one convenient answer, color coded for your convenience.