Major Medical Policies

The world of medicine and health insurance continues to evolve at a mind-boggling pace!

We find the insurance marketplace continually evolving with new concepts and benefits.  Attempting to choose a health insurance plan is like a giant Rubik’s Cube!  Where do we even start …?

Also — as we are aging, the insurance  “welcome mat” shrinks and we begin to notice our age, while merely a number,  carries a negative connotation (especially at age 65+). As you will agree, that concept is antiquated and not representative of the life of expat members!

In the U.S. age 65  is when Medicare steps in and provides an umbrella of “safety” with regard to insurance premiums and coverage.  But what happens to those of us who are ready for an adventure after having been tied to the work-a-day routine for so many years.  We’re finally free of that drudgery and want to experience life accordingly.  We’re ready to PLAY!

Make no mistake, Medicare and the Canadian Provincial Healthcare system do not provide coverage for expats residing outside our home countries.  Many of us choose to continue to pay into Medicare, as a “placeholder” of our benefits.

Consequently,  the burden of affordable insurance coverage outside our home countries looms large.  Our group vigilantly seeks out the best insurance offerings we can find from companies with solid financial backing and the philosophy that not all retirees/seniors are old couch-potatoes.  Most of us moving to Mexico (without the security of our home-country health coverage) do so seeking an adventure.  As a whole we are adventurous, light-hearted, and attentive to our good health.

Health insurance should provide peace-of-mind.  For some that is a simple catastrophic plan that covers only life-threatening health problems (including accidents).  We recognize that others have the need for a more comprehensive plan to garner that peace-of-mind feeling.

Consequently we offer two different major medical policies.  We recognize that “one size does not fit all”.  While we all swim together, we embrace our unique differences!  That being said, both of these policies require proof of your Passport from another country and a Mexican Visa (temporal or permanente).

If you only have a Tourist Visa, then travel insurance is an excellent alternative for you — and again it is quite reasonably priced.  Most of us confuse travel insurance with trip insurance.  North Americans tend to think of Travel insurance as merely “trip” insurance (lost baggage, airline cancellation, but it actually provides you with health insurance coverage while out of your native country.  It can provide you with coverage from your first trip to “check Mexico out”.  It can provide you with coverage during your interim move to Mexico while you awaiting issuance of your Temporal or Permanente Visa and it can even provide you with insurance when you return to the U.S. for a visit once you move,k if you are not yet old enough for Medicare.  It is an extremely valuable complement to your trip at a very reasonable rates and quickly and easily obtainable.  We’ll be happy to provide you with info regarding which travel insurance policy may best suit your needs — just email us using this link — Contact Us

One of our offerings group policies is called the PAGroup Affinity Plan.  Everyone member has the same exact policy, premium and deductible.   This policy is targeted for the retired expat beginning at age 62+, and offers a lower premium for those under 65.

Our PA Group Affinity plan os offered on a full calendar year basis, and is not pro-rated like some plans.  You get a full year of coverage, not a pro-rated amunt based on when the group policy commenced.

Please use our Contact Us link to request detailed info regarding this plan.  It is a full benefit medical plan.

We’re here to answer your questions — truthfully and honestly and guide you through the insurance maze here in Mexico.

If neither our Catastrophic plan nor major medical plan seems to fit your particular circumstances, then we encourage you to Contact Us  for a possible solution to your dilemma.