Major Medical Policies

The world of medicine and health insurance continues to evolve at a mind-boggling pace!

We find the insurance marketplace continually evolving with new concepts and benefits.  Attempting to choose a health insurance plan is like a giant Rubik’s Cube!  Where do we even start …?

Also, as we are aging the insurance  “welcome mat” shrinks and we begin to notice our age, while merely a number,  carries a negative connotation (especially at age 65+). As you will agree, that concept is antiquated and not representative of the life of expat members!

In the U.S. age 65  is when Medicare steps in and provides an umbrella of “safety” with regard to insurance premiums and coverage.  But what happens to those of us who are ready for an adventure after having been tied to the work-a-day routine for so many years.  We’re finally free of that drudgery and want to experience life accordingly.  We’re ready to PLAY!

Make no mistake, Medicare and the Canadian Provincial Healthcare system do not provide coverage for expats residing outside our home countries.  Many of us choose to continue to pay into Medicare, as a “placeholder” of our benefits.

Consequently,  the burden of affordable insurance coverage outside our home countries looms large.  Our group vigilantly seeks out the best insurance offerings we can find from companies with solid financial backing and the philosophy that not all retirees/seniors are old couch-potatoes.  Most of us moving to Mexico (without the security of our home-country health coverage) do so seeking an adventure.  As a whole we are adventurous, light-hearted, and attentive to our good health.

Health insurance should provide peace-of-mind.  For some that is a simple catastrophic plan that covers only life-threatening health problems (including accidents).  We recognize that others have the need for a more comprehensive plan to garner that peace-of-mind feeling.

Consequently we offer two different major medical policies.  We recognize that “one size does not fit all”.  While we all swim together, we embrace our unique differences!

One of our offerings follows the true “group” policy format.  Everyone member has the same exact policy, premium, deductible and policy dates (July 1 – June 30th).  This is our WEA (Worldwide Expatriate Assn) policy.

Our second major medical offering is a unique policy designed exclusively for expats offering more latitude and personal choice.  It provides separate policies for each person.  The premium is calculated using the insurance industry’s customary age and gender bands.  It permits each member to choose their own deductible, thereby tailoring the policy to your own specific “peace-of-mind” needs.  This policy is offered from VUMI (VIPO Universal Medical Insurance Group, Ltd.)  This policy, designed exclusively for expats, offers a great value for our dollar.

For both of these policies, the affordability factor comes from the fact that they exclude coverage in the U.S.  For many of us, this is perfect since we alrady have our Medicare coverage in the U.S.  For those expats from other countries or who may not yet be of age for Medicare, travel insurance is a reasonably-priced alternative for coverage in the U.S.  As expats living in Mexico, we are eligible as part of the insurance companies’ Latin American Division.

Please use our Contact form to inquire about either of these options.  Your inquiry ensures that you get the our most current insurance info.  We’re happy to provide you with the Summary of Benefits, Rates and company background information — all by email for review at your leisure.