Nancy and I highly recommend “Boomers -in-Paradise” to all of our friends and neighbors.  We have been members for over a year and our experience with all aspects of the organization has been top notch.

Ava Wilson and Valerie Friesen are outstanding people. We find their honesty and integrity to be of the highest caliber.  They have done a tremendous job with organizing the health program through Best Doctors.  They have provided assistance and information in a timely and professional manner.  They did a great job working with Best Doctors to improve our medical coverage going into 2014.  ND and I traveled to Peru last June and Valerie did an outstanding job providing us with the names of hospitals and doctors that were available to Boomers-in-Paradise members in Lima and throughout Peru. This medical coverage is available to us World Wide not just in Mexico.

All the best,

Don & Nancy
San Juan Cosala, Mexico

I’d like to thank you and Boomers-In-Paradise for not only getting this great and vital insurance program available, but for making it so easy to join and keeping the cost down because of the group-nature of the program. It’s a one of a kind, coverage follows you wherever you go, makes it simple to contact the right people in an emergency and minimizes the worry around where to go for health care if something happens to you, no matter you happen to be. I was familiar with the insurance business for a time, and I can say whole-heartedly that this program is definitely value for money.

Ajijic, Mexico

I love being a member of Boomers-in-Paradise, which I joined because of the Best Doctors Insurance. It has been a year since I have had the peace of mind that being insured has brought me and it is invaluable.

I have Canadian insurance and IMSS but the catastrophic insurance that comes with the Best Doctors Insurance gives me that last piece of the puzzle that lets me feel secure and lets me sleep at night. Knowing that whatever happens unexpectedly, wherever it happens (Timubuktu?) will be covered is worth the added years that peaceful sleep gives to me. Worth every penny!

And then there are the discounts that being a member of a large group (like Boomers) brings … discounts everywhere I go almost pays the premiums (well, not quite, but it does feel good to get the bargains).

I am delighted and feel lucky to have such a great resource available to me and appreciate all the effort that was involved in making this happen for the good of all of us here at Lakeside. Thank you Ava and Val!!

Toronto, Canada and Ajijic, Mexico

Ava, for me this insurance is a godsend.  I’m basically in good physical condition, with no chronic complaints, but travel 6 months of the year and of a certain age, and it is freeing to know that I have great medical coverage no matter where I am. An unexpected side benefit is that I have the support of friends to help me maneuver the health insurance mystery, when and if I ever need it.  Thank you for all you do for me.

Chapala, Mexico

This is just a quick note to thank you for coming up with idea of “Boomers-in-Paradise” – AND for having the tenacity, the talent, and the incredible determination to turn the idea into a reality.

The peace of mind we now have about health insurance is a huge benefit for us.  The discounts, and initiatives you have spearheaded to benefit all of us, and your ongoing commitment to make membership more and more valuable are truly “icing on the cake”.

Please, please, please keep up the great job. There is a great need for the services you are providing and we appreciate your personal contributions to our joint cause.
Thanks again,

Sharon & Pete,
Chapala, Mexico

When first we arrived in Ajijic we were enthusiastic learners… so much to learn, and so little documentation. “You’ll learn” with time was one of the common explanations from the only resources… other expats who had personal experiences. Of course we were very worried about not having Mexican Coverage for significant health issues, and “you’ll learn” just didn’t cut it. Then we were invited to a Boomers-in-Paradise presentation on Best Doctors Medical Coverage… we quickly understood the concept of worldwide, catastrophic health insurance.

Everything we were promised in the meetings became reality, and our focus soon returned to living comfortably here in Mexico. We have renewed our policies and are amazed by the improvements in the policy and valuations.

Bruce & Lynnda,
Ajijic, Mexico