Short Term Insurance

Without a doubt, health insurance is confusing — especially when it comes to understanding what insurance options are available to you outside your Home Country (the country providing you with your valid Passport).  We agree, it’s similar to a huge puzzle and you just don’t know where to start!  Perhaps we can help you find the right puzzle piece!

There are strict insurance rules and regulations regarding eligibility for certain types of insurance outside your Home Country.

In Mexico, you must possess either a valid Temporale or Permanente Mexican Visa in order to be eligible to apply for either any of our insurance offerings.  The above mentioned Mexican Visas provide testament to the fact that you actually have a serious intent to live in Mexico and are not merely a visitor.

So what happens if you are simply visiting Mexico on a Tourist Visa and not ready to fully commit to a Mexican Visa?  Or, you have moved here and are awaiting acceptance into one of the policies offered through Boomers-In-Paradise?

Travel insurance is much more than just “trip” insurance.  It can also offer a medical component.   It is offered in time frames from as short as 5 days to as long as 3 years (in some cases).  It is NOT permanent insurance.  It offers a choice of deductibles ($250 is the most commonly selected deductible) and provides health insurance protection during your trip.  Most often it is used for accidents or sudden illnesses.  It is NOT to be used for the treatment of chronic, pre-existing conditions.

Regarding coverage of pre-existing conditions, please be advised that there is a look-back of 3 years in determining if a condition is pre-existing, and most cases, it does not provide coverage for pre-existing conditions.  It is most commonly used in the case of accidents.  There are no “physical exams” required to obtain the insurance and in most cases, a policy can be issued for next-day coverage, outside your Home Country.

As of August, 2018 U.S. expats are no longer permitted to purchase travel insurance back to the U.S due to changing U.S. Insurance Laws.  This provides a good rationale for U.S. retirees to retain their Medicare benefits when relocating to Mexico for use when travelling back to the U.S. for vacation, family visits or medical purposes. 

Regardless of what you may hear, Medicare does not provide coverage to U.S. Citizens living in Mexico and who possess a MX Temporale or Permanente Visa.

Our Best Doctors catastrophic group policy does include a worldwide travel benefit with “light” coverage back in the U.S.

Travel insurance coverage for those visiting Mexico is very affordable and readily available, so let us know if we can assist you.