Phone Dialing Information

Local Dialing Information:    As in Canada and the U.S., long-distance dialing numbers in Mexico have a 3-digit city code, followed by a 7-digit local number.  For local calls within your area code (376) for the Ajijic-Chapala area, use only the 7-digit number.

Long Distance Dialing:  When calling a land line outside the Ajiji-Chapala area, add 01 plus the city area code before the 7-digit number.  (i.e., 01-376-106-0900)

International Calls: To call the U.S. and Canada, use the ling distance access code (001), then the area code and 7-digit local number.  (i.e., 001-720-666-6062)  The country code for Mexico is 52. When dialing  from the U.S. or Canada to a Mexican cell phone, add a number “1” after the international dialing code.  (i.e., 001-52-1-376-331-5555).

Toll-Free Dialing:  To call a toll-free U.S. 800 number, dial the US long distance code (001), then 800-number. (i.e., 001-800-666-5555).  To dial a Mexico 800 number, first dial 01 instead of 001.  No charge will appear on your phone bill (i.e., 01-800-666-5555).  It may be possible to reach a the following US toll free numbers by dialing the following:

01-800 instead dial 001-880
01-880  instead dial 001-881
01-877 instead dial 001-882
01-866 instead dial 001-833

The above calls carry a fee, but far less than the normal long distance rate to the U.s.

Operator Assistance: Call 040 or 01-800-123-2223 if y need assistance calling within Assistance in Mexico – 040 or 01-800-123-2223
Assistance for International call – 090 or 01-800-368-0500 if you require an english-speaking operator.

Emergencies:  Call 911, as in the U.S., Canada and many other countries.

Cell Phone Calls:  Lakeside land line to cell phones require 045 before the area code  and 7-digit phone number.  Cell-to-cell calls need only the area code and the 7-digit number.

City/Area Codes are:
Ajijic-Chapala Area ………… 376
Jocotopec/San Juan Cosala Area …….. 387
Guadalajara …….331 0r 333
San Miguel de Allende …..415
Puerto Vallarta … 322