Other “Non-Group” Options

We know that there are many circumstances that may have prevented you from finding “Boomers-In-Paradise.org”.

Our “group”  insurance plans have rigid guidelines regarding age and pre-existing conditions, etc.  We’re finding that numerous newcomers are either too young or too old for the rigid guidelines of the “group” policies  … OR perhaps, there are certain pre-existing conditions that preclude an expat from the “group” policy.

Do not despair!  We continually do our homework and are fully aware that “one-size” does not fit all.

While our intererst and expertise began with the “group” concept , over the years, finally we have found suitable private, individual plans that provide suitable alternatives from a trustworthy company!

So if you will complete the following short form we’ll see what else we have that may fit your specific needs.

Other "Non-Group" Options

  • UH-OH! I didn't find out about Boomers-in-Paradise in time to qualify (age-wise) or I'm too young for the "group". What are my other options!
  • Tell us about your prescription medication(s) , dosage and the specific condition(s) for which it is prescribed.
  • Tell us about any other major medical problems and or surgeries that have impacted your health and may impact the insurance underwriting process.