Member Benefits

Both our insurance companies provide policyholders with the ability to choose freely from the many physicians in your area.  The direct-pay hospitals associated with each insurance company welcome all licensed doctors to utilize their facilities.

We encourage our members to research their local medical community to find their “right fit”.  The Mexican medical community is rapidly evolving with an influx of new doctors, specialists, clinics and concepts.

During our start-up In 2013 we offered small discounts to some local physicians and clinics.  These discounts were  misinterpreted  by some as an endorsement on the apart of our organization to only use those services exclusively.  Consequently, to resolve any perceived conflict of interest, we no longer offer discounts to any particular physician or clinic.  Additionally, the majority of our members are either U.S. or Canadian expats who are enjoying an extremely generous exchange rate, making health care even more affordable here in Mexico.  The small discounts quickly became inconsequential and were not utilized by our members.

Due to the shrinking peso, Chopo/Care has discontinued their discount program.

We have partnered now with Dilabim Clinical Laboratories .  Their discount program is beneficial to all our members  and often results in substantial medical savings on certain tests required to diagnose and pinpoint certain illnesses, that may or may not be covered by insurance  Our members are the direct recipient of this cost-saving benefit.

We are also pleased to welcome a few more local medical-related service providers to our network:  Dilabim Clinical Laboratories, Imagenologia, a Diagnostic testing lab, and Dental Express.  Please see info below regarding these services.



Located in the Interlago Plaza on the Libramiento (Bypass) in Ajijic, is also a full-service lab.  For 2017 they are offering their 35 Study Blood Panel testing for only $750 pesos.  This is an exceptional value.  On all other testing you might require, Dilabim is offering our members a 15 or 20% discount.  You must present your Membership key tag to take advantage of this discount offer.

Carretera Libramiento, Plaza Interlago
Chapala Ajijic #132 int. 20
Phone: (01) 376-766-238
Mon – Fri . 8 AM – 4 PM
Sat 8 AM – 2 PM

2.  Imagenologia, Diagnostic Testing Specialists

As of this December, 2016, Imagenologia is located in Plaza Interlago also.
With brand new equipment, they now offer x-rays, Mammograms, Electrocardiograms, and many other diagnostic services we previously had to travel to Guadalajara to receive.

For more information we invite you to visit their office at:
Libramiento Chapala Ajijic #132 int. 11
Phone: 376-766-4635

Alejandro and Claudia staff the office and Claudia speaks english.  In order to redeem your 20% discount coupon, you will have to print this page and take it, along with your membership key tag, to their office for your appointment.  First, I recommend asking if they are still accepting these 20% coupons since there are no expiration dates on the coupon!

20% Discount Coupon









4.  Our 3rd discount provider is DENTAL EXPRESS.  They are the ONLY dental clinic in our area with their lab on premises.  They do not have to depend on Guadalajara for their lab work!  This provides you with fast, efficient service.

Their discount to Boomer Members is a full exam, dental cleaning and 360 head x-ray for a mere $450 pesos.  Their normal price for this service is $570 pesos.  Dental Express is located in West Ajijic on the Careterra:

Carr, Pte, #368, Rancho Del Oro
Kimberly Alvarez is the Receptionist and she speaks excellent english!

Again, to receive your discount you will have to provide your Membership Key Tag before service is provided.

We anticipate 2017 to be a year of growth and will keep you advised of further discounts.

We are also working on a Living Will and Funeral Directive that will enable you to have the option of cremation.  Currently you cannot have cremation if you do not have a Living Will and if not, burial must be within 24 hours of death since they do not have embalming services here.

Stay tuned for this important announcement.

Information on short term insurance coverage is also forthcoming shortly.

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