Best Doctors Forms


You should not be intimidated by the insurance process and we have made it quite easy, if you follow our lead.  Remember, you must be a Group Member BEFORE you can begin the application process.

The following Forms are SAMPLES ONLY  of forms required  to apply for Best Doctors Insurance AFTER  securing a Paid Boomers membership.  You will receive the actual forms by email once you are a member.

1. Blood Test Guidelines_2017 (Sample form for all applicants)

2.  Best Doctors Insurance Application   SAMPLE ONLY  (The actual insurance application has pre-filled information and must be sent to the member from our agent with detailed completion instructions and an application timeline.  )

3. Document Checklist (documents required to verify Mexican Residency)  SAMPLE

Once you are a Boomer Member you will receive complete instructions for completing  the application process.

Since we are a group, all applications (above data) are collected and reviewed by our agent.  Our insurance agent submits everything to the insurance company underwriters once a month in a “group” batch.  To be eligible for the batch submittal on the 10th of every month, all your paperwork must be received by our agent by the last day of the previous month.  Our agent reviews each application and other documents and readies the submittal packet.  This is a considerable amount of work!

The insurance underwriters are prepared to receive all our documentation at that time every month.  It takes approximately 10-14 business days for the underwriters to review the applications and supporting documentation.  The underwriters verify all those accepted with our agent between the 22nd to 25th of each month.

Our agent notifies all applicants of their acceptance and provides instructions for each member’s premium payment directly to Best Doctors via a credit card and a secure payment portal they have provided for us on the internet.

Insurance coverage begins the 1st day of the next month.   Essentially, the insurance process is an 8 week process, depending on when you become a Boomers Member.

Once you submit your insurance paperwork, if for some reason you decide to delay the effective date of your insurance policy,  your insurance policy will be effectively terminated and you will have to begin both the Boomers Membership and Insurance process from the very beginning.

Wherever you travel in the world, you have access to your current policy information 24/7.  For your convenience Best Doctors has provided each policyholder with your own SECURE private portal.  You have total access to your policy, policy history, payment information.  You can complete a pre-certification request, access claim forms and histories, etc.  It’s all right there awaiting your access 24/7.  YOU ARE IN CONTROL!!!