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 If you are American or Canadian you have probably never heard of Best Doctors!

Canadians have Provincial Healthcare provided by their respective Provinces.  In the U.S. we are familiar with private insurance companies: Aetna, Anthem, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, United Healthcare, Mutual of Omaha, Humana, etc.  These are among the larger U.S. companies that are licensed in the U.S.

International Health Insurance outside of the U.S. is quite different and is most often provided by companies that are “offshore” corporations and headquartered in countries, other than Mexico.  

Below are some important documents to help you get better acquainted with Best Doctors and the insurance they are offering.  To access the following information, simply click on the Hyperlink name (Bold Brown Type) and the item will open in a separate window, for your convenience.

Please email us for our current 2023 Summary of Benefits (including premium cost)
(Policy term is Jan. 1 through Dec. 31, annually).  If joining mid-year, you pay pro-rated Boomer Membership fee and a pro-rated insurance premium.

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How is this insurance different?  To enroll is in this group, you must enroll and have your acceptance BEFORE you are 70 yrs, 8 mos.  Once you are a paid member and your insurance is in effect you will not be singled out for cancellation because of your age or usage.

Additionally, our Best Doctors  insurance coverage is worldwide, so while you are traveling you have the comfort of knowing that your insurance coverage extends around the world. This is especially important if you are American and do not have insurance coverage in the U.S.   Seven Corners, an established Travel Insurance company, no longer offers travel insurance for expats traveling back to the U.S (effective as of August, 2018).  So, this seemingly insignificant benefit is of HUGE importance if you are not covered by Medicare.

If you are in a part of the world where there a direct pay hospital is not available, Best Doctors  will negotiate with the hospital on your behalf in an attempt to make a direct pay arrangement on your behalf.

Best Doctors offers you the following …

The Right Diagnosis.
The Right Treatment.

34% of all initial medical diagnoses are wrong. 68% of treatment plans require a correction*.  We make sure your diagnosis and treatment plan aren’t among them.

Advice from the Doctors
Other Doctors Trust Most

You get immediate access to the doctors other doctors have selected as “best.” It’s more than a second opinion: it’s a personal, compassionate way to be sure you’re doing what’s best for you.

Your own Dedicated
Healthcare Advocate

Best Doctors collects your case records, images and test samples. You don’t have to travel or deal with the healthcare system. You get the answers you need and the peace of mind you want.

The Best Doctors Mission …

The Reinvention of Right

Getting it right. Remember when that was what healthcare was all about?

But healthcare today isn’t always about right. It’s about the system. And that’s not right.  Right needs to be reintroduced. Redefined. Reinvented.

Best Doctors is doing just that, with the help of the world’s leading medical experts. We are connecting people who have a personal health challenge with those who can best address it.

Our proprietary medical diagnosis service provides patients with access to the best medical minds in the world, no matter where they are. We are removing the burden of uncertainty from patients’ shoulders and creating a personal, compassionate and comprehensive way to ensure that people get the best possible medical advice.

In healthcare today, much of the emphasis is placed on getting answers quickly. We are singularly focused on getting it right – at a time when right has never been needed more. It’s what’s right for patients and doctors. It’s what’s right, period.

Best Doctors. The Reinvention of Right.

If you are interested in this policy, please continue to the “Group” FAQ menu in our top header menu.  It provides answers to our most frequently asked questions about our policy in one easy-to-use Q and A fromat.   If we have overlooked information that you are seeking, please do not hesitate to use our Contact tab.

This “digital age” is what has made all of this possible, especially since the mail system in Mexico is so irregular.  Be confident that we successfully conduct all of our business via the internet  and all necessary documents are transmitted safely and securely.

All membership payment transactions are conducted via credit card through Square (a secure credit card processor). Best Doctors provides each member a secure payment portal for your insurance premiums.

Requirements for this insurance once you are a Boomer Member are simply:

1.  Complete our Document Checklist, verifying that you are an expat living in Mexico at least 6 months (continually) per year along with some other info required to verify your Mexican residency.
2.  Complete the Best Doctors Application
3.  Submit the required Blood/Urine Tests

Contact our representative at valerie.friesen@blueangelsolutions.com