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“Paradise” can quickly turn into a nightmare without proper insurance coverage!

Conceived in late 2012, Boomers-in-Paradise.org, LLC is a Texas registered U.S. Corporation started by an ex-pat in order to make North American style health insurance available to us here in Mexico.  Our first Best Doctors policy was issued on January 1, 2013.  In 2014 the complicated process of becoming a registered corporation in Mexico.  Boomers In Paradise was granted Mexican Corporation status in June, 2015 as a non-profit organization.

Over the past ten years the organization has grown substantially from its initial 75 Charter Members. This grass roots organization has grown from the referrals of friends-telling-friends —  the old-fashioned “grapevine”. With the help of the internet that “grapevine” has extended to expat friends all over Mexico.

The backstory leading to Boomers-In-Paradise began in 2009,  when Ava had a bad accident (shattered knee) requiring surgery and hospitalization after only two weeks in “Paradise”.  During preparation for retirement Ava and her husband had researched “self-insuring” since routine doctors appointments and medications are reasonably priced in Mexico.  Being healthy and having planned for retirement they were convinced this was “the way to go”. But now faced with the dire reality of no hospital insurance coverage and in excess of $30,000+ USD (paid out-of-pocket from their nest egg) there simply was not enough savings left to sustain another accident or life-threatening medical event – without insurance.  It was a harsh wake-up call!

She vowed to find a solution not only for her family,  but for her friends and other ex-pats living in the same reality — miles from home without proper medical coverage.  After exploring private insurance options, It was then that she was struck with a great idea! She would customize a basic, no-frills plan (from an existing insurance plan) for all expats and form a “group”. Thus Boomers in Paradise was born.  It is a “fall back plan” option for those who wish  to self-insure for the day-to-day medical necessities, but to provide protection from the unplanned, messy costly medical events that can devastate our nest eggs.

After establishing a U.S. corporation, she successfully forged a deal with Best Doctors Insurance in the U.S. enabling Boomers-In-Paradise to accept healthy members up through age 70, with lifetime renewal privileges.  This provides all expats affordable, world-class, catastrophic health insurance coverage while in Mexico – or anywhere in the world for that matter!

Over the years there has been some debate about the term “Catastrophic” and the policy is now termed a  “Specific Benefit” policy, since it covers 8 specific, expensive medical events.

Mindful that “one size does not fit all”,  we recognize that there are certain medical exclusions and circumstances that may prevent some expats from joining the group.  To this end, through the partnership with our International Insurance Broker, Blue Angel Solutions can assist those who are not eligible for our policy to find a suitable insurance policy.

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