Boomers in Paradise

Boomers-in-Paradise now gives you access to North-American style health insurance in Mexico for your peace of mind!

Here’s how it works…

Strength in Numbers!

Trying to get health insurance can be a real challenge… aggravating medical tests,  strict criteria, age restrictions and on top of all that — EXPENSIVE! Trying to get health insurance while living in Mexico is even more confusing given the language barrier and the vast difference in cultures!

Boomers-in-Paradise has made health insurance far less restrictive AND less expensive!  How? We are a group of expats that have banded together in order to take advantage of a group insurance plan for our members! Our membership base now includes recognized Chapters (members)  in Ajijic/Chapala, San Miguel de Allende, and Puerto Vallarta in addition to members in numerous other small communities throughout Mexico. By joining our group you can get the same great coverage we have! We are now over 350 members strong and growing by the day!  As part of our group you have your choice of two excellent health insurance plans with coverage not only here in Mexico but wherever you are in the world!  When you travel,  your coverage travels with you! Learn More!

One size does not fit all …

and to that end we’ve partnered with the “Worldwide Expatriate Association” to bring you a full, major medical insurance policy, in addition to our first health insurance policy — a catastrophic health insurance plan through Best Doctors.

So if you are under 75 years of age and a member of Boomers-in-Paradise (only $60/year) you have access to your choice of our two amazing health insurance group insurance plans at very affordable premiums.  Below is the Summary of Benefits for each policy, including the price.  Simply click on the links below.

Best Doctors Summary of Benefits – 2016  (1/1/16 – 12/31/16) (includes pricing)

WEA Summary of Benefits (7/1/15 – 6/31/16) (includes pricing)
As we conclude our first policy year we are awaiting the premium amount for our new policy year.  We anticipate receipt of the new yearly premium amount in mid-May, 2016.

Of course,  we understand you have questions!  Please visit our “Group” FAQ page.

We believe that buying health insurance should not be Rocket Science!
Insurance can be complex, especially here in Mexico, so we have tried to explain it in basic, everyday ENGLISH!

If you require specific information for a topic we perhaps overlooked, please do not hesitate to Contact us Join us Now!

Like a school of fish — we all swim together.  



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